About Me


One of my earliest ‘photography’ memories is taking a Brownie camera on a school trip when I was about 7 years old. Remember the one with the viewfinder on the top? I still have the photographs of my teacher and class mates and remember the excitement when you dropped the film roll off to be developed and then picked up the prints a week later.  For many years I carried on with film and slide photography, even developing my own prints from negatives at one point.

I then stopped doing photography for several years but in 2009 bought my first digital camera (Canon EOS 450D), just before I headed off on a trip to Cuba. I think I was reading the user manual on the plane! What a revelation though….instant results in one click.  However, despite all this instant reward, one of the aspects of landscape photography that I really enjoy, (apart from hunting for new locations), is the waiting. When you have arrived at a great location in time (for once), found the perfect composition for the image you have in mind, set up your gear with the camera on the tripod and all you have to do is watch….and wait.  Only when I’m convinced that the moment has passed and the light is at its best do I pack up and move on. My golden rule is to get it right ‘in camera’. I do very little editing in Photoshop. After all…..why would you want to spend hours on a computer!  General aim  is for  dawn or very early morning light, as this really is the best time to be out and about.

I have had some success entering National Competitions,  with an image ‘Commended’ in the prestigious ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year’ competition in 2015, shortlisted for ‘Outdoor Photographer of the Year’ 2016  and Winner of the Seascape Category in ‘Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year’ 2016. In 2017 I submitted a panel of 12 images to  the Welsh Photographic Federation and received a ‘Distinction’ Award. I sell work in a few local galleries and online via my website. I occasionally sell images for use in publications such as ‘Countryfile’ magazine, photography guide books and greeting cards.

When not found loitering around the UK with my camera, I sometimes venture further afield to indulge in a spot of ‘travel with some photography’. I have been fortunate to have spent time living and working abroad and glad I made use of the opportunities when they arose.  Travel nowadays is  limited to a short 2-3 week trip, due to other commitments, and can involve a dedicated solo photography trip, such as my Alpujarras excursion in 2018, or a cycle touring trip where smaller camera gear can be taken. The  Hebridean Islands and West coast of  Scotland are a particular favourite destination and I have visited them many times either cycle touring or in a campervan. They offer a chance to step back from the normal hectic pace of life and discover a more indulgent approach to landscape photography.

I do all my own printing so have full control from start to finish. Most of my work to order via the website is printed at A3/A4 size. If a larger size is required I use a professional printer on Anglesey, so have been able to help customers with orders up to A1 size prints. An interesting challenge was a request for two large glass acrylic prints to be  sent to a customer in Germany. Good logistical exercise which was managed in the end and the customer was very happy. For more information about my print work and ordering online please visit the ‘FAQ’s’ section.